Mum Steez | Mum Uniform

Baby Boy 2 is due in less than a week's a time which is so exciting but also so frustrating. If it's one thing I hate, it's playing the waiting game. I get to 37 weeks and just expect my baby to arrive even though they aren't due yet. I get extremely jealous of the mums who have their babies before me, I get jealous when I see a photo of a squishy newborn and to top it off, I have zero motivation to get dressed because I'm so desperate to be back in my normal clothes. 

After I had George, I was lucky enough to get back into my skinny jeans straight away, I'm not so hopeful this time since my tummy muscles were already stretched out from my first pregnancy but a girl can dream right? 

To pass the time I have been browsing the web at ideas for outfits to rock when this baby has finally evacuated! I can see hoodies, jeans and pumps being my absolute mum uniform. I'm going to have a two year old and a newborn to look after but I still want to look cute. Accompanied by all the coffee of course because I don't think they allow an IV drip of caffeine just yet (this should totally be a thing though, am I right?) 

What is your go to mum uniform? 

Rachael xo

Family | 10 Things I've Missed During Pregnancy

Pregnancy turns me into a massive (no pun intended), hormonal, crank. I hate it, I'll be the first to admit, I have a short fuse at the best of times (I blame the red hair), so throw a bunch of hormones into the mix along with the levels of patience I seem to lack, I get to 37 weeks pregnant and I am just like "get it out, get it out!" Anyway, I digress, here is a list of everything I miss: 

1. I miss wearing heels! It's winter, therefore, I love repping a good, heeled ankle boot. 

2. Wine - this goes without saying. I'm not even a massive drinker, as in I don't normally drink in the house but of course I miss having the option.

3. Subway. Damn the no salad from salad bars rule. 

4. Speaking of Subway, cured meat! I would kill for a BMT right now. I'm not even hungry. 

5. Caffeine. Being a mum of a toddler, I definitely need the option to drink as much caffeine as my body will allow. 

6. Painting my toe nails. I cannot reach my own feet right now, it's seriously upsetting. 

7. Not having aches all over. 

8. Not waking up in the middle of the night to pee. 

9. Skinny jeans. Yes, I have maternity jeans but they're just so ugly and poor fitting. Definitely not the same thing.

10. Being able to do things with George. I'm tired all the time and my SPD prevents me from doing loads of things with him and this makes me really sad. 

What did you miss most when you were pregnant?

Rachael xo

Family | Second Pregnancy and Why it's Harder

I was twenty three when Pete and I decided to have a baby and after months of trying, being diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed medication, we finally got pregnant in December 2013. Initially, it was a bit of a shock to us both because we never expected anything to happen so soon after being put on Metformin (a medication that controls your hormones) and so I blamed my morning sickness on the tablets (one of the side affects). It was only until I got sore boobs that I decided to take a pregnancy test by chance, not thinking anything of it at the time and then those results came back positive. We were so excited, but I was also in shock and crazily googling false positives to be sure this was actually real. Those first twelve weeks were like torture, from the morning sickness to the tiredness and not to mention the worry. It felt like a lifetime before I eventually had my twelve week scan and could tell the world. We were beyond excited! 

I was glowing, I took bump pictures weekly, I couldn't walk into a shop without automatically gravitating towards the baby clothes, I had a board on Pinterest for all the ideas I had (and another one for all the things I'd bought), I packed my hospital bag early. All these things that were getting me ready to become a new mum!

I had a fairly easy first pregnancy, although I'd just started a new job at the time, I only worked in that position for three months before my maternity leave started so I could use the first month of my maternity leave to enjoy some time to myself before Baby W arrived. We had just moved house so getting that ready was all I had to worry about. 

Now I'm thirty eight weeks pregnant with Baby W 2 and although this pregnancy feels like it's gone much faster, the first twelve weeks flew by and the morning sickness was nowhere near as bad, this pregnancy has been so much harder!

With there only being two years between George and this baby, I now have NO time to relax, George is a very active two year old boy. He likes to run about, he likes to play games and he is on the go from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed. This, on top of working full time, makes for an even more tired me, and I'll be the first to admit, I'm horrible when I am tired. In fact, my mum described me as "a bear with a sore arse" just two days ago. Even though my maternity leave started before Christmas, I don't feel I can enjoy it as much this time round. When you have a toddler, you can't just have a snooze on the couch when you're tired, or sit around watching TV whilst awaiting your bundle of joy. Luckily, Pete had two weeks off over Christmas as well, which really helped as he did most of the hard work! 

I have also developed SPD this time round, which is probably one of the most painful things I've experienced (aside from labour of course). It has affected my mobility and I can't do as much with George as I would like. On top of the SPD, I have been suffering with tension/ tiredness headaches so the bump pictures never appeared, I have no motivation to sort things out and up until last night, the baby had nowhere to sleep. I packed mine and the baby's hospital bag much later and I haven't felt the need to buy every cute baby grow I see. 

I guess the second time round, pregnancy is old hat and because you've experienced it all before, you don't feel the need to have everything perfect. That's not to say you're not still excited for the arrival of a second baby, it's just that you are more relaxed. 

How did your second pregnancy differ from your first?

Rachael xo