Friday 31 March 2017

Review | Mamas and Papas Magic Stargaze Playmat Review

When you're pregnant with your first child, people will always be willing to give/ buy you stuff. A lot of people always want brand new for their first born, but I wasn't too fussy. George had a brand new pram, clothes and furniture for his bedroom and I was happy with that. We were even offered a playmat which was in immaculate condition and we loved it. 

Two and a half years on, I'm not entirely sure what happened to that playmat (in fact, we had two which both seem to have got lost in our spare room). It was when I was scrolling through Facebook that I saw an advert for a grey playmat which I just fell in love with, but couldn't bring myself to part with the money for it, as it was literally just a mat on its own. Beautiful, but not really worth the money! It was then that I decided I wanted to buy a grey playmat because well, I really like grey and I had my heart set on this gorgeous grey one that I couldn't justify.

 After a bit of Googling, I came across the Mamas and Papas Magic Stargaze Playmat and I was instantly drawn to the colours! Have I mentioned I love grey and mustard? The price tag was pretty hefty for a playmat so I did a bit of research before purchasing it. Every review I read was glowing so I popped it into my basket and waited eagerly for its arrival. 

As soon as it came, George and I set it up immediately and weren't disappointed. It is pretty straightforward to assemble, the mat has two poles which need inserting into the tent part (sorry, I really don't know how else to describe it) which was quite fiddly but easy enough. Once the poles were in place, I just clipped them to the mat, positioned the tent part and it was ready to go!  

The Magic Stargaze Playmat comes with two music packs, one that plays soothing music and the other has the option to insert your phone and play your own music, we had the Wicked soundtrack on there on our first go! I think you can also puchase additional packs. There's just a little cable that goes into the headphone socket of your phone and a pouch for it to sit in. So easy! When the toys are hit or kicked, the tune changes and a light show plays accordingly, there is even a button at the bottom for feet which also makes changes to the rhythym. Henry really loves watching the lights and listening to the music, and even George has a good go! There are buttons to adjust the volume so you can have it as loudly or as quietly as you want and the on/off switch is so easy to do that most of the time I just ask George to switch it off for me. Perfect for when you're trying to settle your over stimulated newborn!

The mat also comes with a mirror, toys to dangle and an additional hook for your own toys, which can be hooked anywhere as there are plenty of loops for different options. There is also a detachable, crescent pillow ideal for tummy time which we strongly encourage in our house.

The Magic Stargaze Mat is amazing for sensory play and so worth the price tag! I thought it would be difficult to put away due to the big tent part but in fact, it's no harder than a standard playmat. If you're looking for something for your newborn then I highly recommend this! 

What playmat does your baby have?

Rachael xo