Saturday 3 March 2018

Days Out | Nearly There Yet Launch Party at Mattel Play

Last weekend George and I were invited to the launch party of a brand new website, Nearly There Yet. Nearly There Yet is a new tool for parents in Merseyside and surrounding areas and it's a what's on guide full of things to do! So last Sunday, George and I headed down to the Albert Dock to Mattel Play where we were welcomed with pastries, tea/ coffee and juice for the little ones. Unfortunately I never got to enjoy any of that as George started kicking off because naturally he wanted to go and play.

If you've never heard of Mattel Play it's a big indoor play area separated into three areas, Thomas the Tank, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam. No Barbie however, which is slighly disappointing as I would love to see a life size Barbie and play dress up! We literally spent about three hours there with me chasing George as he ran around and I kept banging my head because everything is so tiny!Not ideal. He didn't get bored though and it was so nice to spend time together just the two of us. It's not something we get to do very often anymore.
I finally coaxed him out by bribing him with the idea of going out for a lunch, the boy loves a 'cafe' as he calls them. We headed to Brasco Lounge on The Strand and although it's a chain it's one of our favourite places to eat. The food is always so good and it's both child and dog friendly. Any restaurant where you can pat doggos is okay by me! There were toys, books and things to colour with so George was occupied whilst we waited for lunch which is ideal. As you may have learnt the hard way keeping a young child entertained in a restaurant can be tricky to say the least. 

We had the loveliest day just the two of us and it's something I want to do more. 
Thanks Nearly There Yet! 

Rachael xo


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