Wednesday 11 January 2017

Mum Steez | Mum Uniform

Baby Boy 2 is due in less than a week's a time which is so exciting but also so frustrating. If it's one thing I hate, it's playing the waiting game. I get to 37 weeks and just expect my baby to arrive even though they aren't due yet. I get extremely jealous of the mums who have their babies before me, I get jealous when I see a photo of a squishy newborn and to top it off, I have zero motivation to get dressed because I'm so desperate to be back in my normal clothes. 

After I had George, I was lucky enough to get back into my skinny jeans straight away, I'm not so hopeful this time since my tummy muscles were already stretched out from my first pregnancy but a girl can dream right? 

To pass the time I'vebeen browsing the web at ideas for outfits to rock when this baby has finally evacuated! I can see hoodies, jeans and pumps being my absolute mum uniform. I'm going to have a two year old and a newborn to look after but I still want to look cute af. Accompanied by all the coffee of course because I don't think they allow an IV drip of caffeine just yet (this should totally be a thing though, am I right?) 

What is your go to mum uniform? 

Rachael xo

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