Wednesday 4 January 2017

Family | Second Pregnancy and Why it's Harder

I was twenty three when Pete and I decided to try for a baby and after what felt like months we finally got pregnant in December 2013 shortly after being prescribed Metformin for PCOS. Initially, it was a bit of a shock to us both because we never expected anything to happen so soon after my diagnosis and so I blamed my morning sickness on the tablets (a common side affect). It was only when I got sore boobs I decided to take a pregnancy test and voila I had a bun in the oven. We were over the moon but I was also in shock - I'd wanted it for so long and now it was happening. Those first twelve weeks were like torture, from the morning sickness to the tiredness and not to mention the worry. It felt like a lifetime before I eventually had my twelve week scan and could tell the world. We were proper excited! 

I was glowing, I took bump pictures weekly, I couldn't walk into a shop without automatically gravitating towards the baby clothes, I had a board on Pinterest for all the ideas I had (and another one for all the things I'd bought), I packed my hospital bag early. All these things that were getting me ready to become a new mum!

I had a fairly easy first pregnancy, although I'd just started a new job at the time, I only worked in that position for three months before my maternity leave started so I could use the first month of my maternity leave to enjoy some time to myself before Baby W arrived. We'd just moved house so getting that ready was all I had to worry about. 

Now I'm thirty eight weeks pregnant with Baby W 2 and although this pregnancy feels like it's gone much faster and the morning sickness nowhere near as bad, this pregnancy has been so much harder!

With there only being two years between George and this baby, I now have NO time to relax, George is a very active two year old boy. He likes to run about, he likes to play games and he is on the go from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed. This, on top of working full time means I'm shattered all the time and I'll be the first to admit, I'm horrible when I am tired. In fact, my mum described me as "a bear with a sore arse" just two days ago. Even though my maternity leave started before Christmas, I don't feel I can enjoy it as much this time round. When you have a toddler, you can't just have a snooze on the couch when you're tired, or sit around watching TV whilst awaiting your bundle of joy. Luckily, Pete had two weeks off over Christmas as well, which really helped as he did most of the hard work! 

I have also developed SPD this time round which is probably one of the most painful things I've experienced (aside from labour of course). It has affected my mobility and I can't do as much with George as I'd like. On top of the SPD, I have been suffering with tension/ tiredness headaches so the bump pictures never appeared, I have no motivation to sort things out and up until last night, the baby had nowhere to sleep. I packed mine and the baby's hospital bag much later and I haven't felt the need to buy every cute baby grow I see. 

I guess the second time round, pregnancy is old hat and because you've experienced it all before you don't feel the need to have everything perfect. That's not to say you're not still excited for the arrival of a second baby though.

How did your second pregnancy differ from your first?

Rachael xo

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