Sunday 18 April 2021

5 Places to Eat in Liverpool with Outdoor Dining

April 12th - the date that has been on everyone's lips recently. Pubs and restaurants in the UK have finally opened their doors for the first time since Christmas, providing they have an outdoor space of course! After a miserable three months of being stuck inside with nothing but my own thoughts, the idea of being back in the pub combined with the sun being out has ultimately changed my mood. See ya S.A.D.In honour of April 12th (albeit slightly late) I've put together a list of some of my absolute fave places to eat in Liverpool that have boss outdoor spaces so if you're looking to book somewhere to ease yourself back into society again then look no further

2 Campbell Square, L1 5FB

Amalia was always going to be top of the list. I love Italian food and I need carbs to live so Amalia is my go to whenever someone asks where we should eat. I may even have a copy of the menu saved on my desktop in work. The Americano pizza is unreal because who doesn't want pepperoni and fries on pizza? Honestly my mouth is watering just thinking of it. Can't wait to go back this week! 

C R A Z Y  P E D R O S
25 Parr Street, L1 4JN

No list of mine would be complete without my favourite bar, Crazy Pedro's. Get yourself booked in for a bottomless brunch, all you can eat pizza, cocktails and more! Order will be restored when I'm finally stuffing my face with slices and drinking all of the Hooch. Try the Chippy Tea slice - it shouldn't work but it does!

47 Castle Street, L2 9UB

If small plates are your thing then you need to try Bacaro. I don't normally like small plates because I'm not into sharing but for Bacaro I'll make an exception because everything on the menu looks amazing! Just make sure you book in advance because it's always fully booked!

T H E  C L U B H O U S E
Chavasse Park, L2 9SQ

The Clubhouse in Liverpool One has one of the nicest outdoor areas in town in my opinion. Situated on Chavasse Park it's absolutely gorgeous to sit in when the sun is out. The hanging kebabs are to die for. Just note they currently have a reduced menu (which I believe is to take the strain off the kitchen staff) so don't be disappointed when you turn up after studying the menu at home (like I do).

T H E  B R U N C H  C L U B
37-41 Duke Street, L1 5AP

Another favourite of mine (I really like places that are close to my work it seems but hey I'm a lazy girl) is The Brunch Club. Who doesn't love brunch, especially when there's the option to go bottomless? Pass me the prosecco. I can't wait to book in here again - I had the smoked salom bagel last time but I've got my eyes on the avo toast (hastag, you're basic)

So that's it for my top 5 places to eat in Liverpool with outdoor dining. 
Where will you be booking in?

Stay safe
Rachael xo

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