Tuesday 15 December 2020

Top 10 | Christmas Movie Picks

It really is the most wonderful time of the year isn't it? I absolutely love this time of year. The Christmas playlist comes out as soon as Halloween and Bonfire Night are over and the spooky deccies are soon replaced with Christmas ones all whilst the girls are telling me it's "too early!"  I really am just a big kid at heart. Now the nights are dark and cold and we're all in Lockdown 2.0 : The Tier Months and can't go out for festive bevs (how I miss my annual Gingle Bevs email to the team); it's time to get on the couch with a Bailey's hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies to get you in the mood, so I've ranked my top 10 Christmas movies which was way way harder than it sounds: 

10.  T H E  P O L A R  E X P R E S S 

The Polar Express is an unreal movie and massively underrated. It's about kids who have stopped believing in Santa and are taken aboard a magical train ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express and a must watch! 

9.  E D W A R D  S C I S S O R  H A N D S

The story of the first snow might not be the most festive of movies and you probably wouldn't necessarily call it a Christmas movie but it's cute and sweet and dark all of which are my favourite things and as a massive Tim Burton fan it had to make the list.

8.  H O W  T H E  G R I N C H  S T O L E  C H R I S T M A S ( 2 0 0 0 )

My dad took me and my brother to see this in the cinema and it started off our annual, festive cinema trips. I love Jim Carrey as The Grinch and I know a lot of people hate this movie but I love it and The Grinch has some of the most relatable quotes ever. Love. Him.

7. H O M E  A L O N E

The McAllisters didn't get done for neglect which just goes to show if you're rich you can get away with just about anything. What list is complete without Home Alone though? It's a Christmas classic after all. It's not really a Christmas movie (fight me) but it's just tradition am I right?

6.  A R T H U R  C H R I S T M A S

This film is incredible and had to make my top 10! I force the kids to watch this every year and they definitely don't enjoy it as much as I do. Arthur is the son of Father Christmas and wants to deliver a bike to Gwen, the child who got missed, whilst his controlling brother, tries to stop him. BOSS.

5.  T H E  N I G H T M A R E  B E F O R E  C H R I S T M A S

Is it a Halloween movie or is it a Christmas movie? The most asked question from October through December. Well I have the only answer for you and it's BOTH. In fact I watch it all year round but that's just because I'm a massive goth. 

4.  M I R A C L E  O N  3 4 T H  S T R E E T

Before Mara Wilson was old enough to start spouting drivel on Twitter she was this really cute child actor who starred in Miracle on 34th Street - the part where Santa signs to the deaf child gets me all teary eyed every single time.

                                                                3. T H E  H O L I D A Y 

The Holiday > Love Actually. I said what I said. Two women with boy probs agree to swap homes for the holiday season where they each meet a local fella and fall in love. Jude Law is dreamy in this BUT Jack Black is the real MVP here (slightly biased because I love him! ) 

2.  E L F 

This is one of my absolute faves and I know so many people who hate it because of Will Ferrell but those people have no taste - it is fantastic and I won't hear another word! 

1.   T H E  S A N T A  C L A U S E 

Taking the top spot is the one and only The Santa Clause - I wanted to list the entire trilogy tbqhwy but I thought that would be cheating. I love Tim Allen so much even though my mate told me recently he is a massive Tory and ruined the illusion a bit. Scott Calvin takes Santa's place and turns from a crappy dad man to the world's best dad ever. This entire trilogy get watched every single year in our house without fail because I love it so much.

What's your favourite Christmas movie? 

Rachael xo

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