Friday 9 October 2020

Top 10 | Ways to Survive Cold and Flu Season


Ahhh (chu) flu season is upon us and I'm not talking just your avergae cold here. Flu can be so nasty and leave you achey and unable to move from your bed. I have only caught flu twice in my life and twice I have been left absolutely wiped out. Now a new virus is amongst us which presents with very similar symptoms leaving us with the question cold or flu or Coronavirus? This is why if you do expereince any symptoms you should get yourself tested and stay the fuck home. However, if you're lucky enough to avoid Miss Rona but have been struck with flu, here are my top ten tips on how to survive: 

1. D R I N K  P L E N T Y  O F  F L U I D S

Water helps keep headaches at bay - the last thing you need when you're feeling lousy is to be dehyrdrated as well. Warm drinks also helo loosen mucus in your chest so get your fella to bring you all the cuppas to bed while you rest. 

2. C O L D  F L U  S A C H E T S  /  T A B L E T S

These are a godsend, trust me and the blackcurrant ones taste like warm Ribena and soothe the throat nicely. Don't forget though, they do contain paracetemol so remember you're actually drinking medicine and check the labels on anything you're taking because afterall, I'm no doctor! 

3. C A L P O L  P L U G I N

No this is not an ad but I am obsessed with my Calpol plugin. It's menthol of course so it's really good for those stuffed noses but it has lavender in as well so it's perfect for night time so you can relax and get some sleep. If you're lucky you might be able to find one at the mo in the middle aisle of Aldi.

4. E X T R A  P I L L O W S

Chesty coughs are nasty business and they get worse when you're lying down. This is because mucus is more likely to collect in the back of your throat. Prop yourself up as much as you comfortably can to get yourself that much needed rest your body needs.

5. P A I N  R E L I E F

Keeping on top of pain relief is important for any aches and pains and of course bringing down a high temperature. Don't forget to check those labels though ;)

6. R E S T 

This is one thing I think we are all guilty of neglecting but your body needs time to recover. If you can nap during the day then do it. Sleep is the best thing for poorly bodies. Those dishes can wait just concentrate on getting yourself better/ 

7. B A L S A L M  T I S S U E S

Another absolute gem of a creation. These are perfect for delicate noses. Who needs to deal with a sore, chapped nose on top of everything else? 

8. D I S I N F E C T

Clean your surfaces. Your door handles. And make sure you bin those snotty tissues as soon as you've used them to prevent the spread or reinfectio and of course don't forget to wash those hands. For 20 seconds. Whilst singing happy birthday or something. 

9. T A K E  A  M U L T I V I T A M I N 

Anything containing vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc is boss. Humans cannot produce vitamin C so we need a constant intake of it and of course we live in the UK and don't get that much sun especially in winter so get that vitamn D down your neck as well. Zinc also plays an important part in immunity so get boosting! 

10. S W E A T  I T  O U T

When you've got a high temperature it is your body's way of fighting something off so get the heating on, jump in a hot, steamy bath and sweat it all out. You might need a shower afterwards but it'll be worth it. 

So there you have it, my top 10 tips for surviving cold and flu season and I've got my fingers crossed you all stay healthier than I have because I've felt rough as toast this week with a nasty cold. 

Stay Safe

Rachael xo

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