Tuesday 6 October 2020

Things to Do This Halloween in Merseyside

Spooky Season is just around the corner and it is my time to shine. Pass me the pumpkin spiced lattes, the cosy knits and a pair of boots, yes I'm that basic autumn bitch. I am so excited for Halloween this year even if Corona is trying to ruin our lives so I've put together a list of things you can enjoy with the whole fam despite Miss Rona. 

G E T  C R A F T Y

I'm awful at carving pumpkins so last year I bought some foam shapes from Aldi (seriously their special buys are the one!) and we stuck them on our pumpkins instead. Plus you don't have to deal with the stinky pumpkin mush. Winner. The kids also get to do this themselves as well which is a massive bonus. Anything you can get your hands on is a good way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day and let's face it, our Autumn months have plenty of those. 

W A T C H  M O V I E S

Grab a blanket, light some candles, a bowl of popcorn and a toffee apple if you're feeling fancy and get cosy for a movie night. Autumn nights are a perfect opportunity to stay in and make the most of your Netflix subscription. If you're stuck for ideas on kid friendly movies, check out my list of kid friendly Halloween movies the whole family can enjoy here

P I C K  Y O U R  O W N  P U M P K I N

Pumpkin patches were all the rage last year and where better to get some pics for the Gram with the ultimate Autumnal aesthetic? We never did it last year and I had serious FOMO so hit up your local farm and get picking!

C H U R C H  F A R M  F A M I L Y  F R I G H T  F E S T I V A L

The Family Fright Festival is back at Church Farm this year albeit some restrictions due to current circumstances. You do have to prebook but surely I don't need to tell you that? As well as a PYO pumpkin patch there's a scarecrow trail with a prize for successful completion. Just note that the PYO pumpkin patch isn't included in the admission price but you can kill two birds with one stone here! 

W O O D S I D E  D R I V E  I N  C I N E M A

Hocus Pocus and Coraline are both showing this Halloween at Woodside Drive in Cinema so get dressed up in your spookiest gear, grab your toffee apples and do the cinema from the comfort of your own car. Just don't forget to restart your engine midway so you don't need a jumpstart from Winne the Witch like I did last year!

So there you have it, a list of things you can still do this Halloween without going to a party or trick or treating. In your face covid-19 - you're not gonna stop the festivities for any of us despite your best efforts! 

Rachael xo

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