Tuesday 8 June 2021

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I used to scroll through Insta growing more and more envious of people with these gorgeous, big hallways that they could have big units in to hide the things my kids throw on the floor. My narrow hallway could never! But who says you can't make a feature out of a small hallway? So if you have a smallway like mine, here are my tips to transform it into something Insta worthy

Console Table or Radiator Cover

A radiator cover or console table can instantly make your hallway look more chic, especially when decorated with a few candles and prints. I knew I wanted a console table for the hall the second I saw one on my explore page - less bulky than a radiator cover and perfect if you're lacking in space like I am. These can be quite expensive to buy and I'm a girl with a budget so my grandad made mine out of an old shelf and some hair pin legs (mine are from Etsy).

Get a Runner

Rugs and runners can instantly change the feel of a room - I have laminate floor in my hallway  so getting a statement runner has made a massive difference to how it feels. It's simple but effective! Mine was from eBay but Aldi have had them in their special buys recently - so keep your eye out.


It's no secret that mirrors instantly make a room look bigger and brighter so having one in a small space such as a hallway is a given - plus you can check your makeup right before you leave the house. Win win. This big one is from Jysk and it was £35 in the sale and I love it! 

Keep it Light

Bright colours are better for smaller spaces so try keep your hallway as light as possible. I kept my walls white and added some black accessories with some fake plants to add a pop of colour to make sure it still looks fun without compromising on any space. 

Add Texture

I moved this ottoman out of the backroom out of the way with the intention of using it in George's room as a toy box but it looked so good next to the height of the console table and it's perfect for storing all our shoes. So it made a permanent residency in the hallway and paired with this blanket from B&M I think it looks super cute! 

And that's how I transformed my small hallway into a feature
 hallway without compromising on space and I am obsessed with it! 

Rachael xo

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