Tuesday 2 June 2020

Health | How to Survive Pregnancy During a Heatwave

With the weather getting warmer everybody is out sunbathing, enjoying BBQs and gin in the sun (in the comfort of their own gardens I hope!) and while it can be fun to be outside working on that tan it can be so uncomfortable when you're pregnant. Henry was born in the winter, but George was born in the summer so believe me, I've definitely suffered. Here's how to survive pregnancy during a heatwave: 


This one speaks for itself and it probably the most obvious. Open all your windows and if you're lucky enough to have patio doors, open those too. Sit in front of the fan with a book or watch something on telly (provided you haven't got older children to run around after). Also get yourself a little hand fan that you can keep in your handbag for if you need to go out. 


Not only ice pops boss for cooling yourself down they are the best for keeping the nausea at bay so you can kill two birds with one stone with this one. They were my absolute saviours throughout both my pregnancies. 


I lived in cheap maxi and midi dresses during my pregnancies. They don't break the bank and the best thing? If you don't stretch them out too much you can wear them post pregnancy too so they're definitely worth the small investment. Wear thin, breathable materials and your body will thank you for it. Also  you need sandals - preferably ones you can slip on so that you don't have to bend down and fasten any straps or awkward buckles. I think if your feet are too hot or too cold, the rest of you follows suit. Does that have something to do with the blood flow? WHO KNOWS?


Again another obvious one, the more you move, the more you sweat. Park your bum in front of that fan you bought and let it do it's job. Any excuse to sit around and have someone wait on your and foot if you ask me.


Not drinking enough water is something we're all guilty of isn't it? Dehydration headaches are not fun and neither are those late night pregnancy leg cramps. Drink your water, it's important.


The summer of June/ July 2014 I spent the majority of my time in a nice cool bath. Not only was it relaxing it was the best thing to do on a hot day. When you get out your body then heats back up to room temperature. Win, win. 

Stay cool 

Rachael xo

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