Monday 1 June 2020

Life | Teaching Your Children Diversity

As many of you know, the name George Floyd has been on everybody's lips this week. 46 year old Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a conterfeit note and because he was black, a police officer killed him by kneeling on his neck for seven whole minutes resulting in his death. His death has been recorded and published for everybody to see, I've not watched the video because I can imagine it's extremely distressing. And everyone's talking about it because of the video, but what about all those murders that aren't caught on film? People will be talking about something else next week because that's just what happens, but we shouldn't stop talking about it. Everyone is posting Black Lives Matters right now as if it's a trend, it is not a trend and it is something you should be taking seriously because it's 2020 and racism still exists. And it exists here in the UK too, f you think it doesn't then you're either stupid or extremely ignorant. If you're in the UK and you're wondering what you can do to help then you can start by teaching your children diversity. 

Teach your children that it's okay to ask questions so when your toddler shouts out loud in the supermarket "why is that lady brown?" don't shy away from that question or be ashamed or embarrassed. Answer that question. Explain to your child just like people having different hair colours, people also have different skin colours. It's okay to ask questions and children need to know that rather than being taught that this is intrusive. Teach your child everybody is different and the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. 

I remember my younger brother stating he was scared of black people once when he was very young and my mum was having none of it, so she bought him a black doll. I mean he liked dolls anyway, but she bought him baby Princess Tiana. And that's how you do it. Buy that black Barbie doll, watch Princess and the Frog, buy that book about the BAME child. Racism is a learnt behaviour and it ends with you.

We still hear casual racism all the time and whenever you hear it you should need to call it out. I'm not afraid to call out racism and you shouldn't be either. You can post now that Black Lives Matter because it's topical but in order to help black people you need to continute the movement. 

Children are naturally very accepting of whatever you tell them so you need set a good example to them. Teach them well. 

Black lives matter, not just now but always

Rachael xo

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