Tuesday 7 January 2020

Days Out | Free Days Out in Merseyside

January is so miserable isn't it? We're all fat and skint after overindulging at Christmas and since kids just have no concept of money and well anything at all really, it can be a struggle to find something to do with them that won't break the bank (or your overdraft). Well fear no more because I've put together a list of FREE stuff to do in Merseyside for you and the sprogs, so shake off the cobwebs and do them:

( Liverpool City Centre)

The World Museum in town is probably one of the best places you can take the kids and it's free. You can actually visit the whole world in a day (okay maybe not the whole world but it's fun anyway). 

With the Natural History Centre the kids can touch the skull of a hippo, examine a tropical butterfly and even hold a mammoth tooth. 

The Bug House and aquarium are both favourites with my two because kids love bugs and fish for some reason don't they? Although I must admit the spiders and scorpions creep me out a bit. 

Just remember, if you want to head to the Planetarium you have to pay for tickets! 

(Wirral )

Tam O'Shanter is a small farm situated in Bidston, Wirral. While it's only small, you can buy food to feed the ducks/ goats - just be careful they don't go for the paper bag! There's a small play area for children to enjoy and dogs are welcome if kept on lead. Kids can even sit on a tractor which is always a good Instagrammable post ;) You're welcome! 

Once you're done at the farm you can head into Bidston Hill itself where you can play hide and seek in the woods. Loads of fresh air normally knocks the kids out so they'll be shattered when you get home if you stay out long enough. 

(Delamere Forest)

"The Gruffalo said no gruffalo should, ever set foot in the deep dark wood." Okay so it's not in Merseyside but it's only a short car journey away and well worth it. You do have to pay for parking at Delamere but again, it's only a couple of quid so you'll be sound. Here you can do the Gruffalo Trail and hunt for the big bad Gruffalo, an orienteering leaflet will set you back £1.50 and it includes a certificate and a map - you can then hunt for the creatures from the story. Dogs are welcome here too so it's good to tire the pups out AND the kids. It does get a bit much for little legs though so be prepared to bribe them to walk back (maybe a piggy back will help).

(Liverpool Museum)

Little Liverpool is suitable for under 6s and the kids can create their own Liverpool, a city in where the're in charge. Every kids dream, am I right? There's also an interactive water based activity where they can drive boats and The Liverbird's Nest is a sensory pod for babies/ pre-walkers. The nest only accommodates up to 5 people but everyone has to take their shoes off so you know there's a safe and clean environment for your bub to play in without a worry. 

(New Brighton Beach)

I know what you're thinking, NOBODY wants to hit the beach in January but there's no reason not to wrap up warm and take a walk down to the pirate ship at New Brighton Beach. It's made entirely from drift wood and it really is amazing. You could even take some toys with you to hide in the sand and do your own treasure hunt. 

If you have anything you love to do that keeps the kids happy without spending  a penny let me know.

Rachael xo

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