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Christmas | The Christmas Tag

Christmas is my favourite time of year, as soon as Halloween is over, I'm ready to embrace all things Christmas, the Christmas songs come out and I want to dust off the decorations and get them up so I can enjoy them for as long as possible! I was tagged by the lovely Lyndsey from Fizzy Peaches to take part in the Christmas Tag so here goes!

What's Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

I absolutely love The Santa Clause trilolgy, I watch it every year wheen I'm wrapping presents, it's become a little tradition.

Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?

I think we have but because I live on a peninsular, we're really lucky (or unlucky if you hate snow) if it sticks. I do remember falling over on the ice in 2010 so maybe that was the last time we had snow.

Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?

On Christmas Day we go to my parents' for dinner and spend the day there.

What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?

Okay I have a few because I love Christmas songs. My top three are, Baby Please Come Home - Michael Buble, Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea and River - Barry Manilow.

Do You Open Any Presents on Christmas Eve?

Absolutely not! And the boys won't be doing it either. Everyone does get new pjs though, I mean is it even Christmas if you don't get Christmas Eve pyjamas?

Can You Name all of Santa's Reindeer?

Unlike Lyndsey, I'm not going to cheat! Comet, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Rudolph, Blitzen, Cupid and Prancer. I think? How many does he have?

What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward to This Year?

Having steak and prosecco for tea on Christmas Eve, bathing the boys, putting their new pjs on, taking a photo in front of the tree, watching The Snowman and putting out some prosecco and a cake for Santa! Yes, Santa likes prosecco in our house.

Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?

We have an artificial tree because I like it to be quite full and I don't really like the look of real trees!

What Is Your Favourite Holiday Food/ Treat?

I do enjoy a pig in a blanket, there's just something about sausage wrapped in bacon isn't there?

Be Honest: Do You Prefer Giving or Receiving Gifts?

I really do enjoy giving! I love buying presents for other people that I know they will love, it makes me really happy. Although I'm not going to lie, I do like receiving just as much!

What's The Best Present You've Received?

My mum made this photo book online of all the photos from mine and Pete's engagement party and it was so perfect, I might have cried.

What's Your Dream Place to Visit for the Holiday Season?

I would LOVE to visit New York at Christmas, I know it sounds cliche but it just looks so dreamy. I want to see the tree at the Rockerfeller Centre.

Are You a Pro Wrapper or Do You Fail Miserably?

I'm definitely a pro because I have to wrap EVERYTHING. Pete only has to worry about wrapping my presents!

What's Your Most Memorable Christmas Memory?

When I was 12 my mum and dad presented my brother and I with a little Christmas gift bag and inside where our passports and a message telling us we were going to be spending New Year in Disneyland Paris.

What Made You Realise the Truth About Christmas?

I was quite old I think and people in school were talking about whether or not they believed and my mum and dad decided to tell me. I remember being secretly upset about it actually.

What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

Spending time with family definitely! Not that I don't anyway but it's just nice to keep up traditions and not stress about anything for a week or two!

So there we have it! I can't believe Christmas is a week away, I am so excited to celebrate this year as a family of four, it's Henry's first Christmas and soon after he'll be one!

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