Tuesday 24 October 2017

Mum Steez | Amsterdam

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This mama is off to Amsterdam this week for a friend's hen do and my god I am so excited! Things haven't been too great this past month or two for me which you can read about here so this break is longer overdue! I love Amsterdam, I went there for the first time in July this year for my best friend's hen so I'm really looking forward to going back. 

It's never been somewhere I fancied going, I just assumed it'd all be sex and weed but it's the complete opposite (I mean it's there you've just got to go looking for it and it was really good) but it is so pretty and there's loads more to do there. Highly recommended.

I thought I'd put together a little fashion post because I love them and haven't done one in aages! Outfit planning just makes me so happy (is that really sad?) I'm always the first one to ask what everyone is wearing and the girls all laugh at me but it relaxes me and helps with my anxiety. 

I bought some vinyl jeans a few weeks ago from Primark and am yet to wear them, is anyone else loving this trend at the moment? I've not really had an excuse to wear them, I mean can you imagine me rocking up to mums and tots in a pair of stripper pants? I reckon I'm going to wear them every day in Amsterdam paired with my Dr Martens flatforms. These are going to be so versatile and they can be dressed up or down, I could easily swap the shoes for a pair of heels, remove the beanie and voila day to night in less than a minute. 

What are your thoughts on the vinyl trend?

Rachael xo

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