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When George was around 9 months old, I went to Manchester for the night to meet up with some friends, we booked a Travelodge as everyone was from different cities, went for food, drinking and dancing. I stayed in Manchester for the day shopping and eating then headed straight to Chester for the night to see another friend. I remember my mum saying to me "I would never have done what you did, I wouldn't have wanted to be away from the boys [my younger brothers] for so long." The thing is, I needed a break, Pete and I weren't getting on very well, you know how it goes, you've just had a baby together, you fight all the time. I had to get away! There's a page on Facebook (I won't name it)  and I don't follow it (it's full of people who get on their high horse) but a few of my friends do therefore I often see posts crop up on my timeline when I'm having a nose. One in particular, was by a mum who wanted to go on holiday with her friends but the father of their children refused to have them for the week (they were separated). The amount of comments I saw telling her she was selfish for wanting to go away was astonishing! I have just been to Cardiff for two days with my friend from Dublin, and I'll tell you, it was great! I got to leave the house with just a handbag (okay a suitcase too), but it was amazing just leaving without a million and one things and two young kids in tow. 

I also went to Magaluf for a friends hen do and I will be going on a hen do in July for four days too, without my babies, without my partner and am I looking forward to it? Hell yes! It doesn't make me selfish for wanting that time away, it makes me human. Firstly, yes, I am mummy, my boys come first and even though I moan about them I do like that I'm needed, but I am also me. A lot of people agree with me and also do things to make them feel themself: 

M E  T I M E

Listen to music I used to enjoy. I never get chance normally when I have a newish baby, mine don't like it, but the minute I can listen to what used to make me happy, I feel a little bit like me again - Accidental Hipster Mum

Putting old 90's CD's on in the car on the way to work. Locking myself in my bedroom with a book and a glass of wine (easier now my children are 5 & 10 and sometimes electronics are helpful) have an evening out with the girls - My South Bristol Yard

As a massive gamer, playing on my games consoles makes me feel like me again (as materialistic as it sounds). That's what I enjoyed pre toddler and that's what made me, me - LesBeMums

I tend to try and do this on a weekend though I fail most of the time! I leave my phone in my bag, have a hot bath, watch a movie or if I'm super lucky I go on a spa day! - Toby and Roo

E X E R C I S E / D I E T I N G

I joined slimming world and lost 3 stone in 6 months. It gave me back my confidence and I now feel fitter, healthier and more confident. I feel happy in my skin and like the old me again, not just a frumpy mum - Twinderelmo

I started running. I'd always hated it. But when Robyn was a few months I started the c25k and while it was great and helped me lose weight and regain fitness, it did so much more. That half an hour out running gave me space and time alone. I'd return feeling happier and myself - Bobsy's Mum 

B R E A K S  A W A Y 

I don't get little regular breaks, just because we don't have family nearby to help out, but I take longer ones less often. For example I went away for just over a week of sun with my sister at the beginning of the year, and I've had a couple of other weekends away too with friends. I need it, and am always pleasantly surprised at how quickly I feel like me again, not "mum me" - Five Little Stars (Kate)

For me personally we have regular family holidays and then I book myself a spa day while we are away. My daughter either goes to a babysitter or she is looked after by my husband or Mum, depending on who is on holiday with us. This is vital for me to recharge my batteries.  At least once a fortnight I enjoy some time at my allotment alone. I don't do a lot of work while there and just relax, play games on my phone and take it easy - Katy Kicker


Actually starting my blog has helped me alot, it gives me something to focus on when the baby sleeps - Mummy and Liss

After I had my daughter (who is a considerably harder baby than my son was) I completely felt like I had lost myself. I started a makeup related Instagram which quickly grew into a blog & Facebook makeup group. I feel like I have a passion again, something that is just mine, just for me! - itsrachelbeauty
A N D  O F  C O U R S E

T H E  N I G H T  O U T (because we all like a good drink)

 My breaks are the rare occasion that I get to have a night out with the girls. I actually put on make up, wear nice clothes, eat hot food and drink waaaaay too much prosecco. It doesn't happen often but i love those nights, they remind me that I'm not just "Mummy", although the hangover the next day brings me back down to earth! - Five Little Doves

So there we have it, we all need to feel like ourselves and not just a mum, whether it be haaving a bath and glass of wine, exercising, a night out or even a weekend away. Do what you want to make yourself feel good and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting that time! 

Rachael xo


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