Sunday 17 July 2022

Gigs | My Chemical Romance & Funeral for a Friend, Sophia Stadium, Cardiff

When My Chemical Romance announced their return every emo in the world cried happy tears but with covid grounding the world, the gigs were postponed for two years and the happy tears soon turned to sad ones. 

I'd be lying if I said I was a massive MCR fan, I'm not. I used to listen to one of their albums in high school and have never really liked any of their work since Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (I know what you're thinking, fake fan), but when Funeral for a Friend got announced as support, I knew this was something I couldn't miss. Emo Christmas. I booked my ticket and my hotel and I was happy as larry despite going on my own. A lot of people don't tend to understand why I do things on my own but honestly if the last two years are anything to go by you can't live your life waiting for other people to do the things you want to do. 

Due to there being two massive stadium gigs on in Cardiff that night, I stayed at Travelodge Newport which is a 10 minute train way from Cardiff Central and the train station is right opposite the hotel which was really convenient. I also found residential parking which was a 5 minute walk away from the hotel as parking in a town centre can be really difficult/ pricey. 

Upon arriving at the stadium the queue for entry was huge and my anxiety kicked in thinking I'd travelled all this way and was going to miss Funeral for a Friend. However the queue went down pretty quickly and I was in the venue within about 30 minutes, I even had time for a wee and a trip to the bar. 

Once I was settle, I plonked myself on the grass with a pint and waited for my favourite band to come on stage. Opening with Into Oblivion the crowd started bouncing and the atmosphere was incredible. FFAF never fail to put on a good show and this was no exception playing in front of their home city. Closing with the classic History, chills went through my spine as everyone raised their fingers for one last salute. 

New Jersey rockers, My Chemical Romance then entered the stage and my little emo heart was so excited having never seen them before. They opened with new song Foundations of Decay and despite being a newbie the whole crowd was singing along. Way is such a good frontman and although I didn't know all the songs, belting out and dancing to the classics whilst he was giving it his all on stage was so nostalgic. 

They played many crowd pleasers such as Thank you for the Venom (a fave) and of course Welcome to the Black Parade finishing with an encore of I'm Not Okay where the crowd was singing so loudly you could barely hear Way's vocals. 

Given that I only know a handful of songs I had the best time and the entire night gave me festival vibes, with sun, cider and good old fashioned emo music. 10/10.

Rachael xo

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