Sunday 10 July 2022

A Trip to the West End - Bonnie & Clyde the concert Review

When Jeremy Jordan announced he was coming to the UK for Bonnie & Clyde the musical concert I was beside myself. I was so excited so you can imagine my dismay when I forgot the tickets went on sale and had sold out. But fate was on my side and they announced a second date so when I got the last second row ticket, I hit book faster than you could say bang bang! 

I wouldn't allow myself to get excited for the show because of covid and was worried about restrictions especially when there was talk of another lockdown and of course travelling from the states. But the day finally came and I took myself down to London for the night. 

When I told people I was going on my own, everyone was shocked. Why would you travel to London and go the theater by yourself? The answer is, I wanted the second row experience and I enjoy my own company. Being able to grab an iced coffee and read on the train for a few hours in peace is literally a big vibe. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely shitting myself at the idea of navigating London on my own because even though I've been before it's always been with other people who have helped me with the tubes. It was actually easier than I thought though, I downloaded an app called Citymapper which is great for helping you get round different cities! I also had best friend on hand to help me when I got stuck as I was staying with her. Doing things by yourself is so liberating and I highly recommend that if there's something you want to do then you should definitely do it.

I arrived at Theatre Royal Drury Lane and could have wet myself I was that excited, I was finally about to be two rows away from Jeremy Jordan and to see Bonnie & Clyde. Despite being labelled a concert the production was actually semi staged. The role of Bonnie was supposed to be originally played by Laura Osnes but unfortunately she was unable to perform and the role was cast to the wonderful Frances Mayli McCann. McCann was unreal as Bonnie and even thought I'd originally been disappointed that she was replacing Osnes, she more than made up for it because her vocals and talent are incredible. When Jordan came on stage the crowd squealed and his role as Clyde Barrow seemed meaner than he's ever played before. Jordan has incredible stage presence and his Clyde is unmatched for me (but I might be a bit biased). A special shout out also has to go to Natalie McQueen whose Blanche was phenomenal and had me both laughing and crying.  If you ever get a chance to see this show then you should do it because it doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

With Frank Wildhorn, Ivan Menchel and Don Black in the audience it was an extra special night and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible and I am so lucky I got to be a part of it. 

Rachael xo

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