Wednesday 17 June 2020

Family | Protecting the Cubs

I wasn't going to write this post because it still angers me to this day what happened but a wise woman once told me "writing is therapy" so here we are. 

On September 11th 2017, the day after George's third birthday, we packed up the boys and the car and headed the 180 miles to Butlins in Skegness for their Just For Tots Week. I was already dreading another family with the in-laws, let alone with a stroppy threenager and nine month old in tow, however, I'd already survived the previous holiday without killing anyone whilst I was pregnant so it wouldn't be too bad right?

On our second day there we were in the main pavillion where they had a section gated off and inside was full of Little Tikes toys, cars, castles, you know that kind of stuff, with plenty of seats so the growns ups could sit back and supervise. George was off playing, Henry was in his pram asleep and I noticed George hit another child. With that I got up out my seat to go deal with himas any normal mother would but the next thing I knew some bitch of a woman was telling him off, very aggressively, pointing in his face and then she smacked him! No word of a lie, this fully grown woman smacked my child on the shoulder. 

Nothing ever prepares you for that kind of rage you know? I flew at this woman, heels ablazing and screaming "what are you doing? Don't touch my kid!" Actually, there was a lot more swearing than that as you can imagine. And you know what she said? "He's just hit him!" As if that defended her actions! Genuinely thought I was going to be inprisoned for battering a pensioner that day and if she hadn't picked her grandson up I think I might have caused some actual harm to her. 

I had to leave the pavillion because I was so mad and somewhat embarrassed of how I'd reacted but when someone hurts your child your natural instinct is to protect, just like a lioness protecting her cubs. Would the in laws think differently of me? Would the other parents in the pavillion think I was some common scouse woman causing a fight?  I rang my mum to let her know and started crying on the phone because I cry when I'm angry She told me to report it but I was worried I was going to be arrested for hitting a bitch so I left it and to this day I'm pissed off that I never. On my return, another mum asked me if I was okay, told me to report it and said I'd handled it well so I don't think I did too badly looking back. 

Kids are kids and they lash out at each other, it happens. And it's horrible when you see another child  hurt yours, it really is but it doesn't give anyone the right to slap your child, in fact, I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I have no probelm with someone telling my two off if they've misbehaved but there's no need to be aggressive in any way at all. Nothing excuses that woman's actions that day and perhaps nothing really excuses mine. I still maintain she deserved it and she was lucky she left when she did though.  

We did see that family a day or two later in the playground and she swiftly left when she saw us, leaving her full pint of Stella (yes, Stella) on the table so I think justice was served that day. 

Just don't touch my kids yeah?

Rachael xo

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