Wednesday 27 May 2020

Life | Turning 30

Age really is just a number isn't it? I was truly dreading turning the big three oh because being twenty something sounds so much better than thirty something, but you know what? I feel no different - I am still shattered 99% of the time, my arthritic knees still ache when it's cold and it still takes me two to three days to recover from a a heavy night on the ale. So why do we worry about turning thirty? 

My thirtieth birthday was the best I could have asked for filled with many a celebration with some of my favourite people in the world, I ate hard, I drank hard and I partied even harder. It was the best start to a new decade (well until Covid came along - smh). 

I think most women have this idea from an early age of what their life is going to be like when they are thirty - because thirty year olds have their shit together of course. Expectations of having that dream job, a husband and children, expectations that are nothing but outdated yet 'conventional' views of societal norms. Never did I think I would be a single mum of two at this age expecially since I met the boys' dad in my early twenties but things change, people change. So if you're approaching thirty and having a midi life crisis do not stress out, like I said, age is just a number! 

Now I may not be where I expected to be by the time I reached thirty but I am so happy, probably the happiest I have been in a really long time. I feel content with myself and how things have turned out for me and I believe that everything happens for a reason you know? Being happy and healthy is all you really need to be at any age. Don't feel pressured to conform to society's view of what is normal and meeting unrealistic expectations.

In a time where social media is so prodimintant in our lives it can be easy to forget what we have meaning we take what we do have for granted. If someone has their dream job or has bought a house or is married by the age of twenty four and you're not that's okay. Age doesn't necessarily have an impact on any of those things it just means you're in different places. 

Turning thirty was so much fun for me so if you're turning thirty this years, here's to you !

Rachael xo

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