Monday 18 May 2020

Family | Tips for Surviving Lockdown with Kids

You've made it this far into lockdown with young kids so well done you! Here's some tips on surviving lockdown with kids without pulling a 2007 Britney:


Home schooling not going to plan? So what! You're not a teacher. You taught them how to walk, talk and play didn't you? Read together, bake or cook, get creative. You'll both have more fun that way and nobody needs the extra stress right now, especially our children. Not all learning is classroom based.


I don't mean take the fam to B&Q just because it's open and do a full on Changing Rooms style makeover that you'd regret when you've got to stare at it all day long. Go for your government sanctioned walk, use your outdoor space if you're lucky enough to have one, even something as simple as moving to a different room in the house helps loads! 


Make learning fun! Play games with the kids to encourage maths/ English skills. There are so many resources out there so use them. It tricks children into learning because they think they're just playing. Snakes and Ladders is a really good one to encourage counting skills and it also teaches them that they can't always win. 


Put Netflix on or Amazon Prime or Disney + or whatever streaming device you fancy and let them chill for a bit. It'll give you that little bit of repite to get the dishes done or more importantly enjoy that cup of coffee you've been craving without it going cold. Don't feel guilty that they've had more screen time than usual - it's not worth it. Do what you go to in order to survive. 


I can't really take credit for this one because George came up with it but it's an excellent way of getting them to burn off some of that never ending energy they seem to have and it's an excuse to sit on your bum for a bit because all you have to do is stop and start the music. 


It can be so easy to stray from this when you have the "oh no school tomorrow" mentality but the fact is, kids strive off routine, most of which has gone down the drain at the moment. Lockdown is stressful enough without dealing with tired, grumpy children. Plus you need that time of an evening yourself to unwind and recover before you've got to get up and do it all again the next day.


Children have enough energy as it is without loading them full of sugar and having them boucning off the walls. Don't do it to yourself. As much as I believe in picking your battles at the minute, this is one you really do not want to compromise on. Ever. 

So that's it, they're my tips on surviving lockdown with kids but if all else fails, you've always got wine right?

Rachael xo

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