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Family | Is Twinning Really Winning?

Is Twinning Really Winning?
When I was pregnant with Henry I remember going shopping and picking both boys up a matching pair of shorts and tshirts and in my excitement I sent a photo to my Coven (that's my group Whatsapp for me and the girls) and I got comments like "you're not going to match them are you?!" And I was like "HELL TO THE YES!" I didn't want my boys to be in matching things all the time, but the odd thing is okay right? 

The boys often wear different clothes due to the age difference between them at the moment so it can be quite hard to find matching outfits but at the most I do like them quite co-ordinated because it looks really sweet. Here they both have red on but Henry has the same coat as George but in yellow, they have matching winter coats and hats and I think they look adorable. I also think on days out it will be easier to identify them if they're wearing the same thing - when they get older of course as Henry is still in his pram. 

I took to Facebook to get some other views from other mamas and I found that most of them agreed with me!
Is Twinning Really Winning?
I dont "twin" my kids being different sexes but sometimes they like to dress to a theme! - Star

Is Twinning Really Winning?
I like to have my boys matching but not the same sometimes. They like it too, for now (they’re 2 and 4) - Sarah

Is Twinning Really Winning?
I absolutely love it! There's 15 months between my girls and they "twin" every single day. If I try and dress them differently they cry and ask to be the same. Not sure that will last forever but for now, I'm a huge fan! - Laura
Is Twinning Really Winning?
I was that person who saw photos of me twinning with my sisters and was certain I wouldn't do it myself.. whoops! - Amy

Is Twinning Really Winning?
I love twinning with my daughter. It’s a bit of fun and she loves it! I intend to make the most of it before she gets embarrassed by me!- Leanne
For as many people who loved twinning, there were many who thought the opposite and hated it! Jacqui from Mummys Little Monkey shares her views:

'I still remember the year Mum dressed me and my sister up in identical dresses for Christmas - mine was blue, and hers was red and we had matching bags in the same floral material. I must only have been about seven years old, but to this day I can still recall dying with embarrassment because we were dressed alike. 

Maybe it was because my sister and I didn't really get on that brilliantly when we were kids, or maybe it was more the fact I wasn't really a floral dress kinda girl (give me jeans and a t-shirt any day). Whatever it was, I swore I'd never subject my children to matching outfits. 

And to be fair it's been easy to keep my promise, as the girls are poles apart with their dress sense. Big Sis loves funky styles - dungarees, sweatshirts, denim jackets - while Lil Sis favours anything frilly, floral or flouncy - dresses, skirts, pretty tops. They both totally suit their individual styles - to the point where, if I dressed them the same, one of them just wouldn't look right. 

They're great friends and get on amazingly well, but they enjoy having distinctly different styles, and I like encouraging their individuality.'

I agree with her for some part, I think when the boys have complete different personalities I will probably be likely to change it up and let them choose their own clothes or buy clothes that suit them as individuals.

Is Twinning Really Winning?
No, no, no. My mum did this to me and my sister when were kids and it was a nightmare. I will not be making my own kids suffer like this. I was not a girl and the dresses were the worst. I have bought tiny polo shirts for my son to wear like me though. Also I'm making this face in all photos from that age (I'm the brunette).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I loved seeing everyone's little ones all dressed up the same, how can you disgaree with twinning now when you see how cute everyone looks? 

What are your views on twinning? Yay or nay?

Rachael xo


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