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Days Out | Ferry Across the Mersey

Ferry Across the Mersey

On Sunday we were invited for an afternoon out on the Mersey Ferry. The trip was scheduled for the previous week, however, all boats were cancelled due to the weather but unaware of this we headed down to the Woodside Ferry Terminal and we were sent home rather disappointed. The team at Mersey Travel couldn't have been more apologetic about this and instead we avoided a tantrum by heading to soft play and rearranging our trip! The team were really fantastic about the mix up though and rebooking was really easy - plus when we arrived at the weekend all the staff members were really accommodating.

Ferry Across the Mersey
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Upon arrival at Woodside, we collected our tickets and the boys were given flags, stickers and a paper rocket to build which I thought was great. I used to love making paper boats as a kid so it was right up my street, shame George wasn't feeling it and just wanted to run away from me. I swear he must have ran away at least 17 times before we'd even got on the boat so I was pretty nervous about actually taking him on - especially as he likes to run and climb. I actually have  big fear of water (probably stems from the fact I can't swim - I know, terrible) but it was constantly in the back of my mind that there was a possibility my feral child would fall in the Mersey and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

We had half an hour to kill before the ferry was due in so we went into the U-Boat story which unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy due to George's behaviour (screaming and running away - I actually wish it was acceptable for me to do it. I'd definitely run away from the kids if I could). In the exhibition you get to view a real life German U-Boat, however this was closed due to refurbishment but you can see some of it from the outside. Due to the interactive exhibit, you get a real insight into life on board a U-Boat during war time. This is included in your ticket price to the ferry, you just need to obtain a voucher from reception but if the ferry isn't your thing you can also purchase a ticket for this separately. 

Ferry Across the Mersey

We were lucky to ride on the Dazzle Ship which is a colourful boat decorated by Sir Peter Blake to commemorate World War 1. This is actually the only dazzle ship in the UK. I kept asking Pete if it was called Razzle Dazzle and he laughed at me like I was some sort of idiot, well the laugh was on him because there was a sign saying "razzle dazzle" so I was made up. Cue me singing songs from Chicago for the rest of the day!

Ferry Across the Mersey

We got to eat scouse on the Mersey which is definitely the scousest thing I think I have ever done and the food was great as well. I love Liverpool which seems a bit biased of me to say since I practically live here (I'm a wool) but seriously, you won't find another city like it. You may hear some ridiculous stereotypes but the city is amazing, the people are even better and there is so much to do here. Plus, check out that skyline.

Ferry Across the Mersey

Our trip on the ferry was fairly successful given George just wanted to run about and us being stressed because family days out are never really that enjoyable when you have a baby and a toddler in tow, let's face it. Safe to say it was completely different to the last time I was on the ferry. Pete had hired the ferry for a Halloween club night, and as I was walking round the ferry I had vivid flashbacks of hanging up posters, my gobshite mates scaring me with horrible masks, dancing to emo music and feeling much drunker than I actually was due to the rocking of the boat.  Here we are in our prime, before we had kids and aged 10 years. I looked boss as a sugar skull and Pete was a really shit pirate.

Ferry Across the Mersey

If you're visiting Liverpool. I would highly recommend a trip on the ferry, the ride lasts for approximately an hour and you get to take in some pretty decent views. Try the scouse while you're there. You can book tickets here.

Have you visited Liverpool? What did you enjoy most?

Rachael xo


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