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One thing I continue to see on Facebook these days is these 'mother challenges' whereby a mother is tagged in a post and 'challenged' to upload a photograph that makes them proud to be a mother, they then tag other fabulous mummies to participate. Is it just me or is this just not a challenge? I could go on and on about all the things that make me proud to be George's mum, just look at my Facebook and Twitter, he's practically all I talk about! 

For me, the real challenges are the things that are the hardest about being a parent. The things nobody wants to talk about on social media as they are in fear of looking like a bad parent. Nobody said becoming a parent would be easy, so why don't we talk about the meltdowns our children had in public? 

The real motherhood challenge is listening to your toddler say "no mummy work" and your heart breaking at the thought of leaving him behind whilst you head off to work for 8 hours day.

The real motherhood challenge is explaining to your toddler that you can't go outside today because it's raining and dealing with the multiple toys that will come flying at you in a fit of rage.

The real motherhood challenge is attempting to tidy your house that hasn't been tidied in two weeks because you both work full time and are exhausted every night, whilst your toddler is insisting on you play with him and your newborn is crying because he has wind.

The real motherhood challenge is waking up at 3am because your child has had a nightmare and you need to console him on top of night feeds for your newborn.

The real motherhood challenge is adjusting to life with a newborn after it being two years of you and your gorgeous toddler.

It is far too easy to become self involved and want to show off to others about how wonderful our lives are and paint this perfect picture, when in fact, the lives we share on social media only show a small percentage of how we actually live. At the moment, my living room is full of toys, the dishwasher needs fillings, I have a laundry pile as big as an elephant (clean and dirty) but wouldn't be showing you Instagram photographs of that. Maybe there's a niche there, who knows?

What do you find most challenging about being a mummy?

Rachael xo
2 comments on "Family | The Real Motherhood Challenge"
  1. This is so well said, Rachael!

    Sometimes you want to just hear it as it is, not have a sugarcoated version of parenthood but for people to actually know what it's like.

    You're such a marvellous mum and I think this post shows the real challenge and how you're kicking some serious mummy butt!

    Sam xo
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    1. Thanks Sam, you always make me smike :)

      Yes - more honesty parenting please! Kids may be cute but they're bloody hardwork! Now I know how my mum feels xx