Tuesday 7 March 2017

Family | Becoming the Dreaded 'Baby Bore'

Hands up if, before you came a ma, you were guilty of accusing someone of being a baby bore! I'm so, so guilty of this. There was a time (when I was younger) I'd scroll through Facebook, see another baby related photo or status and think "fuck off, not again!" I'd even go as far as hiding that person from appearing in my news feed so I wouldn't have to see it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I was a baby hater, I've always loved kids, I just did not want to hear about other people's children all the time. I even vowed this would never happen to me, I would never be that person that just talked about their kids constantly. My mum would always tell me off for using the term 'baby bore' and justify it by saying "she's just proud" and I'd shrug it off, what do ma's know anyway? 

Ha! How times have changed. If you were my friend on Facebook you'd call me the biggest hypocrite known to man. Not only do I post photos and statuses about the boys, I have a blog dedicated to them don't I? Until you become a mum, I guess you don't really understand how amazing being a parent is. Every little thing your bundle of joy does is new, exciting and you guessed it, proud! My mum was right - she usually is.

I want to share all the new things my boys do, I want to share photos of how gorgeous they are and I could gush about them all day to anyone that would listen (most of the time anyway, sometimes I wanna rip my own ears off but it's called balance init?) So if you're worried about posting too many photos or statuses of your baby in fear that others will think you're boring, fuck them. Seriously. You're proud and that's okay! 

To all the none parents out there, we don't do it on purpose! It's not because we have nothing else to talk about (okay some days that isn't true) it's because we've made little humans and taught them so much and that is something to be proud of. 

Rachael xo

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