Wednesday 29 March 2017

Mum Steez | Metallics

This is a bit of a lazy post really, but I wanted to share my new favourite obsession in the form of metallic biker jackets! Recently I saw my friend Laura from Lojo Vs The World post a photo of a gorgeous metallic biker jacket and it was love at first sight so when I was browsing ASOS, I spotted one and it went straight in my basket. I'm off to Leeds at the beginning of April to be reunited with my three best friends so I'm saving it for then. Bet I don't though.

My go to mama style is pretty much jeans and pumps, I've ditched my heeled boots in favour of my trusty black Converse as they're so handy for running after a toddler and most of all practical for if I'm wearing Henry. Desperate for a pair of grey pumps, I was instantly drawn to these Vans - actually, I wanted grey suede ones but they were out of stock in my size boo! 

I live in hoodies, tshirts and jeans these days because they are just so easy to throw on and require minimal effort but I still want to look good, so a statement jacket is definitely a must have for me! Especially when I'm rocking a mum bun and am probably covered in snot or sick or some other bodily fluid. Who says mums have to dress badly? 

A decent jacket and bag will instantly transform - normally I'd throw my stuff in my Isoki changing bag, but for days out without the kids (a rarity) it's good to have a handbag and I love handbags! Pete always tells me off for the many bags I have but I'm a woman, I need them! 

What do you do to transform your mum uniform?

Rachael xo

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