Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Family | Clio and Arlo

I think cats are great and people who don't like cats haven never owned a cat. Almost a year ago, we welcomed Arlo the kitten into our home. For as long as I can remember I'd wanted a Bengal cat so when I saw this little bengal ragdoll cross on Pets4Homes I knew I had to give him his forever home. So one sunny Saturday morning, I bundled the kids, my brother (for morale support) and the cat carrier in the car and we drove the 40 minutes to a farm in North Wales to pick him up, getting lost along the way because it was off the beaten track. I've never felt so stressed trying to find somewhere based off instructions the woman gave me over the phone but we drove up this dirt path behind a tractor to where this woman was standing waving to us over. 

He's been a little rascal since we got him, he practically climbs the walls, just last week I found him hanging out my bedroom window and he went through a phase of weeing everywhere which was awful but honestly he's the most loving little boy and I wouldn't have him any other way. He will follow me round the house and always curl up on my lap for cuddles. Because he's a bengal, he's extremely active, hence the wall climbing and he gets the mega zoomies frequently so for a while I've been contemplating getting him a friend to play with. I've been scouring Gumtree and Pets4Homes for weeks trying to find the perfect fit, but you've got to be quick, it seems everyone wants a kitten in lockdown! 

Last week I was doing my usual daily scroll of "kittens for sale near me" when I saw this little torty with half a black, half a ginger face and I knew she was the kitten for us. Luckily the ad had not long gone up and I was the first to respond. I got dressed and set off for the hour long drive to Bolton to pick her up. She was so skittish when I got there, hiding behind the couch, so she was the same when I brought her home, unlike Arlo who was cuddly and inquistive straight away. I worried how the two would get along and worried even more what she'd be like when these two, giant, boisterous boys came home. 

Luckily, she's settling in quite well as you can see. She still hides away from George and Henry and I can't say I blame her because if I could get away with it I'd do the same. She now comes to sit on my knee for cuddles, will play and cuddle Arlo and even follows him round the house and I know I made the right choice bringing her home. 

Rachael xo

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